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How your home or business' septic system works

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  • Simple gravity system with tanks and absorption trenches

  • Pump system with tanks and absorption trenches

  • Dosing system with single flout

  • Dosing system with alternating flouts

  • Septic bed with polyethylene chambers

  • Fast treatment system

  • Infiltrator leaching chambers

  • Precastconcrete galleries

  • Sophisticated repair with absorption trenches for two Buildings with alternating flouts

  • Plastic tanks and tank replacements

Your home or business produces wastewater from your showers, sinks, toilets, baths, washing machines, dishwashers, and other fixtures and appliances. 99% of this waste is water, but 1% of it consists of “suspended solids.” These suspended solids contain both soluble and insoluble substances, including nitrates, phosphorous, metals, bacteria, viruses, other microorganisms, and more. That’s why your wastewater must be treated.


A septic system allows treatment to take place right on your property, which is perfect for properties that aren’t connected to sewer systems. You may also see septic systems referred to as “subsurface disposal systems” (SSDS) or “individual sewerage systems.” A septic system includes a home sewer, a tank, and a leaching system, as well as pumps, siphons, flouts, and a groundwater control system.


When sewage flows into the tank, heavier solids deposit into a sludge along the bottom. Grease and other lighter solids stay on top, where they form a scum layer. The liquid flows out of the tank and leaches through the ground, allowing for biological decomposition and soil filtration. You’ll need proper design, good construction and installation, careful use, and routine maintenance to get a septic system that works properly.


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